Dr. Karthik Jayakumar

Specialist Orthodontics

Duty Time Week Off
Mon: 09am to 01pm - 05pm to 09pm
Tue: 09am to 01pm - 05pm to 09pm
Wed: 09am to 01pm - 05pm to 09pm
Thu: 09am to 01pm - 05pm to 09pm
Fri: 08.30am to 04.30pm
Sun: 08am to 11am - 04pm to 09pm

About Doctor

Dr. Karthik Jayakumar has done his MDS in Orthodontics from DR MGR Medical University, has been working as Specialist Orthodontist in the dental department of Dr. Sirajudeen Medical Centre since 2006.
He is certified in Micro-Implant (T.A.D) Assisted Orthodontics. In addition, he also has to his credit, Cert.Ling.Ortho (Germany), Invisalign Certified Orthodontist (USA) & Bachelor in Dentistry (B.D.S). He has over 20 years of dedicated excellence in dental practice and Certified in Rotary Endodontics as well.

  • Specialized in jaw growth correction of kids (Age Group 7-14).
  • Conventional metal and ceramic braces for teenagers.
  • Nasal airway correction by jaw expansion to correct mouth breathing and snoring habits in kids and adults.
  • Smile designing and social smile correction without braces for motivated adults using INVISALIGN technology.